How the American comic differs from the Japanese manga is obviously from how they both are delivered in terms of style because the Japanese manga, if you are to look at how they are drawn, is more on exaggeration expressions and other elements, on the other hand, the American comic is focused more on realistic actions and elements. To even further the list of things that makes one different from the other one, style, cost, presentation, preparation, average size, diversity of audience and genre are even some of them.


Yet another noticeable difference that you can see between American comics and Japanese manga is the way they are colored because generally speaking, Tales of demons and gods is revolved around black and white colors although you can see a few of them or even a few pages are colored accordingly,  because American comics usually are colored properly.


Size of the Japanese manga and the size of the American comic is one thing that you will not fail to see because Japanese manga usually is smaller than the American comics, to about a third of the American comic sizes. When it comes to the number of pages, however, American comics only consist of about 32 page while Japanese manga are rather thicker, to as much as a hundred pages differ.


Also, Japanese manga is somewhat similar to that of graphic novels where they are composed of ongoing American comics that is collected to form a story arc but still, Japanese manga still holds deeper stories within a single arc and it could reach to thousands of pages in total. For more facts and info regarding Japanese manga, you can go to  http://www.ehow.com/how_4510447_become-japanese-manga-writer.html.


How the Japanese manga is prepared and created differ greatly from how an American comic is published because usually, American comics have their own penciler, writer, inker, letterer, colorist, and all of these are done by different people but in Japanese manga, it usually is done by only one person, except that the coloring is done by another department should there be any.


it is also noticeable that a Japanese manga's story line accelerates at a faster pace as opposed to an American comic and they also have lesser dialogues. The American comic usually is addressed for kids and small children but in Japan, there will always be a specific type of manga for everyone, no matter how old they may be.



These are just basically some of the things that makes them both different, if you are into a fast paced story, then manga will be best for you, otherwise, American comics should fit you, although there are specific genres for every reader. You can read Against the gods from our site