Years ago in my college days I took a Water Resources class. In the class we discussed how the powers that be make decisions on large water projects that affect major population areas. The way they decide is to title the project and then put the benefits on one side and the costs (or problems) on the other side of the ledger.

Let's relate this benefits/costs experiment to politics and specifically to Donald Trump.

Let's first look at the benefits he would bring as president. the magus era

• He can be engaging. • He would bring a smart family with him. • He has the savvy of how to move people. • He is a successful businessman.

Now for the costs:

• Yes he can be engaging but he is also nasty to people that he doesn't like or with whom he does not agree. Tact doesn't seem to be in his vocabulary. Diplomacy is an important characteristic to have in a commander and chief.

• President Obama likes himself a lot and when he speaks he uses "I" many, many times. It shows in his policies and politics where it's his way or the highway. He is not a consensus person, not a congress person, not a people first person. Donald Trump also shows similar traits talking nonstop about his success in the polls, his plans, his money, his power, his being well liked, etc. It's important to be confident in the office of president but boastful confidence breeds dangerous narcissism.

• He is savvy in how to move people yet his four marriages and bankruptcies are cracks in his armor.

• He has done business in the U.S. and around the world. a record of a mortal’s journey to immortality This tells us he knows how to make a deal but would he compromise us, our country, or our rights to the likes of Vladimir Putin and others that he has dealt with in his own business before?