Many online businesses focus their resources on creating a great website, optimizing their content to achieve a high search engine ranking, perfecting their social media game and enticing new customers to see what they have to offer. All of those things are great, but they don't add up to a recipe for sustainable business success.

What comes after a sale is equally important, and it's often where eCommerce businesses fall down. After the initial rush of sales subsides, companies need to have a strategy in place to ensure that they come back for more. That's where customer retention comes in handy, chaotic sword god light novel and it's something that every online business needs to plan for.

If you don't have a customer retention strategy in place, here are some useful pointers that will put you on the right track.

Follow Up Every Sale With an Email

When a customer has submitted their payment details and their products have been despatched, that shouldn't be the end of their relationship with your firm. In fact, it should be just the beginning.

Its easy for customers to forget about where they bought their latest shoes, or which company supplied their fishing gear. With so much choice on the market, they won't automatically think about you when they need to make a repeat purchase, so give them a reason to remember you. Include an automated thank you response, and inform them about discounts or deals that you offer to repeat purchasers. Show them that you appreciate their custom, and invite them to return. Even if 10 percent of them take up the offer, it's well worth the effort.

Turn Customer Feedback Into Repeat Purchases

Sometimes customers will feel the need to submit their opinions to your staff. Whether their impressions were good or bad, this is always something that should be welcomed.

Try to reply to email queries and Twitter messages about your products, and show that you are a responsive company that prioritizes the interests of your customers. Don't get into extended conversations on Twitter, but do provide brief, useful responses (and never lose your cool).

If you receive useful feedback, why not highlight it on your site or blog? kansutoppu Customers love to be valued, and are much more likely to engage with companies that have the ability to listen. It's all about humanizing your business, not remaining walled off and cold.

Reward Your Customers for Their Loyalty

If you haven't created a loyalty scheme, it's probably time to consider one. At the very least, try to offer discounts to customers who make more than one purchase, and advertise the fact that you offer such deals on your checkout page.


Loyalty schemes don't just deliver a better deal to customers. They also help to nurture a community of people who feel connected to what you do and the products you sell.