The short sweet answer to this question is yes. Fragrance or odor can definitely be a major determining whether we are attracted to a person. This attraction is not always a physical attraction. It can be just an attraction to the fragrance itself, which is turn may draw our attention to the wearer.

If you are using a particular fragrance to garner someone's attention, I will admonish you that you need to be able to grab onto and hold onto it after the fragrance has gotten your foot into the door.

We experience the world through the 5 major senses that we have. realms in the firmament They make it possible for us to navigate through this physical world from day to day and to live our lives. Our sense of smell is just one piece of the puzzle which allows us to navigate through the streets of life but there are different aspects of small which need to be taken into account.

Fragrance Works both Ways

The fragrances that we use or wear can work both for us and against us in this life. A good fragrance will draw attention, by a bad fragrance may repulse people from us. A good fragrance may also repulse people in some instances. When a good fragrance is associated with a negative event in the life of the person who smells it they may associate us with the negativity of that event and become repulsed.


Pheromones are chemical compounds which occur in nature which evoke certain responses in other people. Many times they will send sexual signals, they can also signal fear, anxiety, and anger. Have you ever wondered why male dogs are so attracted to a female in heat? This is because chemical compounds released by the female are inhaled by the males and signal the mating response.

There have been attempts to reproduce these compounds in laboratories which can be done but men have not yet been able to elicit the desired responses from the opposite sex.

Food Scents

Food scents are called Gourmand fragrances and can successfully elicit positive responses from others. Believe it or not many modern perfumers are adding these type fragrances to perfumes with great success. Chocolate, along with fragrances like coconut and caramel are gaining in popularity, while fruity fragrances have been popular for quite a long time.


Floral or flowery scents have always been popular. world customize creator light novel The particular fragrance that you may choose to wear will vary according to the time of year. Spring time floral fragrances are light and uplifting, while florals worn in the fall and winter tend to be heavier. People who have a certain affinity for a certain time of year will be attracted to the corresponding scent for that time of year. The wrong scent at the wrong time will cause you to stick out like a sore thumb and seem to be out of place. Heavy lush tropical fragrances will not work well during the springtime of the year. Heavy cloying nighttime fragrances also won't work on hot summer days. They will repel rather than attract.